Wednesday, April 30, 2008

These two paintings I are from around the same a spot in East Matunuck RI. I paintied the first one on location. I did the other using preleminary sketches and creating in the studio. I am actually trying to become a more capable studio painter. I love being outside, but lack the time to get out, set up, and start painting. So now I am trying to find myself as a studio artist.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Figure Drawing Show

I was part of an exhibit of figurative artwork with a couple of colleagues here in Eastern Connecticut. WE have all worked hard on their studies of the figure, so we had an excellent show as a result. We have met religiously for years and really have a nice body overall. Above, are are a couple of samples of my work. I range in media and style as I explore the different aspects of dealing with figurative work.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Figure Drawing

I draw from the Figure pretty religiously at least once a week. I get together with a group of talented artists from the Windham CT at Eastern CT State University. We share the expense of hiring a model and also share ideas and information. We just took down a show at the Windham Arts Collaborative (a fine gallery). I had about 15 pieces up. The hard part of all of this is fitting in the time. Drawing from the figure is fun, but also wearing. Due to the late hours of concentration and focus, it all takes it's toll the next morning, when I am trying to get up and going for work.

This is my latest work. I just bought a bunch of colors from Utrecht (I like their acrylics). I try to explore different aspects of the drawing from the model and also use the time to try out new or different types of materials. On this painting I am going back to the technique of massing in and structuring the figure through color.