Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dutch Harbor

Started this painting while hanging out in Dutch Harbor on Conanicut Island. I was struggling with the composition. I ended up adding a boat that wasn't originally there. In hindsight, this REALLY didn't work. I guess the problems were mostly because of painting outside and not being able to deal with the bright hot sun!

Sean Farrell Paintings

These are the oil sketches created by Sean Farrell during our paint session in which we posed for each other. It was 30 minutes for each one. Amazing work!

Home to Belfast

Brenden taking the painting back to Belfast where it was painted.

Drawing Session

I attended a drawing session in the Silver Circle Gallery basement studio with several other artists tonight. The model didn't show up so we posed for each other. The following portraits are of Karen Reid, Bud Cook, and Sean Farrell. Each drawing was 30 minutes