Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Directions

I have recently been inspired by, and have been studying Peruvian Pre-Columbian spouted vessels. This is a clay piece in progress. It represents a turtle and functions as a musical instrument. It actually works!

Installing the Show

This is me installing the Dragon for the Trashformations Show.

Finishing Touches

Finishing the dragon for the "Transformations" show at the Silver Circle Studio gallery.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

More From the Lair!

I have been creating a mask that combines the characteristics of a dog, mythical dragon, and a little bit of a Chinook Salmon. This was inspired by the storytelling masks of the Yup-ik people of the southwestern regions of Alaska. There, they have a traditional practice of producing beautifully creative artworks and masks from found objects. This mask was also accepted in the upcoming juried show.

Dragon Lair Update

Feverishly preparing the Dragon for the show! Delivery is in a couple of days and work will now have to stop now that it is the Thanksgiving Holiday.

I was able to make the rib cage this week. I used cut pieces of construction styrofoam bound together by wire. I made each rib separately by twisting newspaper on to wire and the pasting it with wheat paste and layers of newspaper. I let the al dry, and attached each on to the vertebra with masking tape. Then I cut up and taped egg crates on for the vertebra . Everything was pasted with a combination of cloth and remnants of commercial paper towel. from there, I pasted on prices of burlap, let them dry on to get the shape, then tore them off to be painted. Last, I painted everything, dried, then stained black. Next is attaching to the front legs.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Woodstock Fair

From my sketchbook; horse studies drawn at the Woodstock Fair.

Dragon Lair

In the lair of the Dragon! I have been preparing this dragon creature for an upcoming juried show that will focus on using found or repurposed materials. This dragon fits into that concept really well, because it was completely built out of discarded construction materials and other types of recycled items.

Studio work in progress

Working on some figurative drawings and other ideas for sculpture. I have an ecorche sculpture in the works. This is being done with an oil based clay. The drawing of the dragon/wolf is for the found object mask I am submitting to a show.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Late Fall Sketching

Watercolor and ink sketches were completed as I camped and hiked through different parts of New England this fall.