Saturday, December 7, 2013

Figure Drawings

Recent drawings.

From the Yale Art Gallery

Pictures I took as I cruised through the Yale Art Gallery. I was interested in these because of the self portraits I have been struggling on. These were good front and side views that I think will be useful to study for technical information. 

This George Bellows is a beauty ! The below landscape reminds me of the small oil painting that Ibhave of Matunuck the hangs in our house there.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Self Portrait Study

The painting below is m.  y self portrait in oil. Used a small mirror under the fluorescent lights of my classroom.  Difficult conditions to say the least! I'm happy with some aspects of the painting but I admit the drawing is off. Proportions are well off. The upper 2/3rd's of the face are not terrible, but the lower 1/3 is off. Probably due to the patheticically small and dirty mirror I have been using. I will retouch the painting later on when I have the time and rework it.
I'm using Gamblin paints for this. I just bought them and I'll have to admit they're expensive, but I love them!

In the below drawing  I am drawing myself again! This time it is in response to the what consider the bad drawing in the painting above. I am using conte crayon and charcoal for this. I contine to use the same little mirror and poor lighting. The result continues to be less than satisfying. 
The below drawing is the final, or most recent. 

Recent drawings

Recent drawings out of the sketchbook. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Self Portrait

Self Portrait
Charcoal, white conte crayon