Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fishy Fish and the Fish Scales

This all started when I started playing guitar in a duo called the "Quohog Kickers". It was a good shift from the normal, because we started to write and play music about political and social concerns. I rediscovered my roots from this process and realized that I am still inspired by the likes of Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan. In addition to the music, I started to play around with designs. Along with creating a logo for the band, I started to brainstorm character sketches. Well, this project took a life of it's own because my kids love the characters, and begged me to create new characters. We now have a fictional band called "Fishy Fishy and the Fish Scales" in which we are putting together comic books, logo's, and trading cards. Great fun!

Here a drawings of some of the characters:

Catching Up

I haven't posted my work in quite a long time! I have been busy with both drawing and painting, so I'll share some things. I started the year returning to the Still Life. Most of the paintings I did were a bit of a disaster, but they are leading me where I want to go, so I am glad about that! I spent a good amount of time outside working from the landscape as well. If you look at the palette, it is piled with old paint. I have finally gotten my self under control! I have redesigned my easel and palette system, and now clean my palette for greater control of the colors. The last painting is a sketch of my students drawing. I have had some fun drawing or painting them while they are outside working on their landscapes!